Music Program

2/9(fri) 21:00-29:00 (open20:00)
Venue: WWW / WWW X

The MeCA music program comprises two parts: a program exploring trends in music culture since the emergence of the Internet, and a program showcasing sound and video art created with digital technology. As MeCA’s opening program, it will feature an all-night series of events across two venues.


Since 2010, the music scene has radically changed with the further spread of the Internet. In addition to advances in technology for producing music, music-streaming platforms such as YouTube and SoundCloud have appeared, while a new bottom-up scene has formed that utilizes social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The music scenes spread across global cities today and the Internet influence each other culturally in ways that surpass geographical concepts of nation and region.
In contrast to this diversification, however, it is also a fact that standardization and uniformity is now advancing. Identical participants are featured in the lineups of festivals around the globe, while the same kinds of music are uploaded to SoundCloud. Indeed, the Internet is fast becoming not the utopia it was promised to be, but a space that facilitates and reinforces capitalism. As these top-down and bottom-up forces compete, the mainstream and the alternative freely intermingle and change fluidly. This situation is rapidly emerging in Japan and the rest of Asia, much as it has in Europe and North America.
Welcoming Maltine Records head tomad as guest director, this music program is an attempt to engage with this condition we are facing today and take a new step forward, including by working more closely with other communities. Tomad has greatly expanded his perspectives on communities in Asia by holding joint events with local labels and conducting research in Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines. This event will connect these lines in Tokyo and introduce diverse music scenes, building awareness of mutual differences and shared features between labels and artists with the aim of encouraging further exchange in the future.

Artists:Morton Subotnick、Lillevan、Alec Empire

tofubeats, KimoKal, Meishi Smile, Ryan Hemsworth, Meuko! Meuko!, PARKGOLF, similarobjects


tomad (Organizer, DJ, Head of Maltine Records) [Japan]


huez [Japan]

Alternative SOUND + VISION at WWW

A Night to show the moment intersecting video and sound by lineup transcending the generation.
Firstly, “Silver Apples of the Moon” by Morton Subotnick, one of the most immortal work having a great influence on the electric music world since its early period. Celebrating 50th anniversary since its first release this year, Subotnick performs its special version with Alec Empire from Atari Teenage Riot and a video artist Lillevan.
In addition to this, largely influenced by those legends, new emerging generation artists with unique styles and senses are also lined up.
We develop an incredible range of audio-visual performance transcending the generation and culture.
- 50th Anniversary of Morton Subotnick's, "Silver Apples of the Moon"
Morton Subotnick, Lillevan, and Alec Empire will perform From Silver Apples to a Sky of Cloudless Sulphur, Revisited Subotnick revisits Silver Apples followed by musical elements from Sidewinder, Until Spring, Cloudless Sulphur, and Crowds and Power (his recent work for the Lincoln Center Festival). The performance will unfold with in a series of solos and duets; at times, Subotnick will play then turn it over to Alec Empire who will follow with his own performance of the performance; at other times they will play together. Lillevan will be creating visual imagery throughout.

Alternative SOUND + VISION at WWW
Alternative SOUND + VISION: Artists

Morton Subotnick, Lillevan, Alec Empire, Jacques, Young Juvenile Youth, Jean-Baptiste Cognet and Guillaume Marmin, X0809

Date / Hour

Feburary 9th (fri) OPEN 20:00 / START (WWW) 21:00, (WWW X) 22:00 / CLOSE 05:00


WWW, WWW X(shibuya)


tofubeats [Japan], KimoKal [Indonesia], Meishi Smile [USA], Ryan Hemsworth [Canada], Meuko! Meuko! [Taiwan], PARKGOLF [Japan], similarobjects [Philippines], Morton Subotnick [USA], Lillevan [Germany], Alec Empire [Germany], Jacques [France], Young Juvenile Youth [Japan], Jean-Baptiste Cognet and Guillaume Marmin [France], X0809 [Thailand]

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Advance Ticket 3,500yen One drink order needs to be made
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* Free one drink for MeCA Exhibition pass holders at reception desk.
* Admission to the music program is restricted to those aged 20 and above. All visitors are required to show a photo ID to gain admission.

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Admission to the music program is restricted to those aged 20 and above. All visitors are required to show a photo ID to gain admission.